Properties for 8.4.37

Api Security Api security cache configuration properties
Atmosphere Atmosphere configuration properties
Audit Policies Configuration of audit policies
Authorization Authority Cache Configuration of the authorization authority cache
Authorization Client Configuration of the authorization client
CSRF Guard Configuration CSRF Guard configuration From:
CachedOAuthClientProvider OAuth Client Provider Cache configuration properties
Caching information Used for creation of Response HTTP headers that are sent to browsers and used for caching settings
Category Manager Configuration Category Manager Configuration
Clustered Cache Factory Config Factory properties for individually configured caches. Note that changes to these cache configurations will generally require a restart.
Clustering Configuration of cluster node synchronization
Container Configuration Refresh Configuration of the container refresh properties
Container Metadata Service Properties for the container metadata service
Container Registration Configuration of container registration
Container State Configuration of container state reporting
Contract Handler Configuration for contract enforcement
Database Configuration Configuration for database connections. There are some common, and a number of vendor-specific, properties.
DoS Rules Configuration of the DoS Rules properties
Elasticsearch transport client settings Elasticsearch client security settings
Exchange Correlation and Tracking Job Configuration for the transaction tracking
External Key Store Configuration of an external pki key store
External Key Store Refresh Scheduled Job Configuration of an external key store refresh job
Generic Cache Configuration Generic Cache Configuration
Grid Configuration Grid support configuration.
HTTP Binding Component Configuration of the HTTP binding components
HTTP Client Connection Manager HTTP client connection manager configuration properties
HTTP Client Proxy HTTP client proxy configuration properties. Each proxy will have a set of these properties.
HTTP Client Routing Low-level HTTP routing.
HTTP Client Transport HTTP client configuration properties
Http Security Policy Configuration of the Http Security policy handler
Identity Profile Caching Identity Profile Caching Configuration
Index Deletion Policy type IndexDeletionPolicy which allows to keep old Lucene commit points relevant for a certain parameter (such as expiration time or number of commits), ExpirationTime is used.
JBI Router Configuration of the JBI router properties
JMS Transport JMS configuration properties
JSON XML Conversion JSON XML Conversion Configuration
JWT JWT Configuration
JWT Claims to Identity Attribute Map JWT Claims to Identity Attribute Map
JWTIssuer Client Configuration of the retrieval of JWT
Lifecycle Manager Asset Transformation Lifecycle Manager Asset Transformation Service Configuration
Metadata Client Metadata Client configuration
Metrics Reporting Configuration of metrics reporting
MongoDB Configuration Configuration for MongoDB
OAuth OAuth resource server configuration properties
OAuth OAuth resource server configuration properties
OAuth OAuth resource server configuration properties
OAuth OAuth resource server configuration properties
Paging Policy Configuration of the paging policy handler
Policy Framework Policy Framework configuration
Policy Manager HTTP Server Transport Configuration properties for the Jetty transport
Promotion Promotion configuration properties
Promotion Promotion configuration properties
Quartz Scheduler Quartz scheduler configuration
Rhino Javascript Engine Configuration for the Rhino Javascript engine
Rollup Configuration Rollup Configuration
Rollup and Usage Delete Configuration Rollup and Usage Delete Configuration
SAML SAML Configuration
SAML Assertion Issuer Client Configuration of the retrieval of SAML assertions
SOAP Binding Component Configuration of the SOAP binding components
Script Repository Script Repository configuration
Scripting Framework Configuration for the Scripting Framework
Scripting Language Default Engines List of default script engines for scripting languages when multiple engines support the same language. Each property is named by the language and its value is the name of the default engine for that language.
Search Search configuration properties
Socket Transport Socket transport configuration properties
Spnego Policy Configuration of the spnego policy handler
Subsystem Clients Subsystem clients configuration
Subsystems Subsystem configuration
Subsystems Quartz Scheduler Quartz scheduler configuration for the subsystems scheduler
Subsystems Security Subsystem Security configuration
Swagger Parser/Generator Configuration properties for the Swagger parser/generator
Transport Transport properties
Usage Monitoring Configuration for the usage monitoring services
Usage and Alerts Export Configuration Usage and Alerts export Configuration
User Interface Framework User Interface Framework configuration properties
Virtual Service Engine Configuration of the Virtual Service Engine
WS-Mex Client WS-Mex client configuration
WS-ResourceProvider Framework Configuration of the WS-ResourceProvider framework
WS-Security WS-Security Configuration
WS-Security Nonce Cache WS-Security Nonce Clustered Cache configuration
WSDL Management WSDL Management configuration
WSIL Publisher WSIL publishing configuration
Workflow Configuration of workflow properties
Workflow Document Cache Configuration of the workflow document cache
XML Policy Handler XML Policy handler configuration
XSS Configuration Configuration of Cross Site Scripting Filter
com.akana.elasticsearch elastic.config.clusterName=