SOAP Binding Component (com.soa.binding.soap)

Configuration of the SOAP binding components

Check for non 500 Faults (soap.out.binding.component.checkForNon500Faults)

Indicates the binding component should check for faults returned in messages with status codes other than 500 The system must be restarted for a change to this property to take effect.

Default: false

Enable/Disable virtualhost based endpoint selection (

Enables or disables support for matching endpoints based on a virtual host name.

Default: false

Strict Virtual Host Endpoint Selection (

Enable/Disable strict Virtual Host selection. If this is enabled, endpoints that do not have any virtual host configuration will be ignored.

Default: false

Enable/Disable WSDL Get (

Enables or disables support for retrieving WSDL for a SOAP endpoint.

Default: true