DoS Rules (

Configuration of the DoS Rules properties

Expiration Checking Interval (rules.expiration.trigger.repeatInterval)

The interval in milliseconds between checks for rules expiration

Default: 1000

Start Delay (rules.expiration.trigger.startDelay)

The time in milliseconds before expiration checks will begin when the bundle is started.

Default: 15000

Enable Expiration checking (rules.expiration.job.enabled)

Enable or disable the expiration checking job. If the expiration job is disabled DoS rules, specifically black lists, will not expire

Default: true

Enable Transport Rules (global.transport.rule.enable)

Enable execution of the transport rules

Default: true

Enable Transport Rule Service Mapper (service.mapper.enable)

Enable the rule service mapper

Default: true

Fail if no Rules Defined (dos.service.rules.failOnNoRules)

Fail if no rules defined for a service. Has no impact if the transport rules are disabled.

Default: true