MongoDB Configuration (com.soa.persistence.mongodb)

Configuration for MongoDB

Enable (persistence.mongodb.enabled)

Switch to enable or disable use of MongoDb as NoSQL persistence DB

Default: false

User Name (persistence.mongodb.username)

User Name to connect Mongodb database.

Password (persistence.mongodb.password)

Password to connect Mongodb database.

Asynchronous Thread Count (persistence.mongodb.async.thread)

Number of threads to process asynchronous requests.

Default: 20

Mongo Client URI (persistence.mongodb.mongoClientURI)

Provide the seed list of host and ip addresses for query routers for fault-tolerance. mongodb://mongos1:27017,mongos2:27017,mongos3:27017/Akana?connectTimeoutMS=15000&socketTimeoutMS=1500000&minPoolSize=0&maxPoolSize=100&waitQueueMultiple=5&waitQueueTimeoutMS=10000 Please see the driver documentation for more options. URI format for defining connections between applications and Envision MongoDB instances. authSource - An authMechanism must be configured if the user wants to enable MongoDB's access control. connectTimeoutMS - The time in milliseconds to attempt a connection before timing out. socketTimeoutMS - The time in milliseconds to attempt a send or receive on a socket before the attempt times out. minPoolSize - The minimum number of connections in the connection pool. maxPoolSize - The maximum number of connections in the connection pool. waitQueueMultiple - A number that driver multiples the maxPoolSize value to provide the maximum number of threads allowed to wait for a connection to be available from pool. waitQueueTimeoutMS - The maximum time in milliseconds that a thread can wait for a connection to become available. Provide the access control details in case if the mongo instances are running with auth flag enabled. Following shows the access control mechanism for SCRAM-SHA1. mongodb://userName:password@localhost:27017/Akana?authSource=admin&authMechanism=SCRAM-SHA-1&connectTimeoutMS=15000&socketTimeoutMS=1500000&minPoolSize=0&maxPoolSize=100&waitQueueMultiple=5&waitQueueTimeoutMS=10000

Default: mongodb://localhost:27017/Akana?connectTimeoutMS=15000&socketTimeoutMS=1500000&minPoolSize=0&maxPoolSize=100&waitQueueMultiple=5&waitQueueTimeoutMS=10000

autoInstall (persistence.mongodb.autoinstall)

Switch to enable or disable automatic installation of seeders

Default: false

MapReduceMaxExecTime (persistence.mongodb.mapReduceMaxExecTime)

Max execution time for map reduce job to run (in minutes).

Default: 10