SAML Assertion Issuer Client (com.soa.saml.client)

Configuration of the retrieval of SAML assertions

Maximum SAML Idle Time (saml.provider.maxIdleTime)

The maximum time in milliseconds a SAML assertion can remain in the cache without being used. A value of 0 will result in no caching and a value of -1 will defer to the expiration of the assertion itself as the maximum idle time.

Default: 60000

SAML Cache Eviction Check Interval (saml.cache.eviction.trigger.repeatInterval)

The interval in milliseconds between checks for SAML assertions that exceed their maximum idle time.

Default: 30000

Start Delay (saml.cache.eviction.trigger.startDelay)

The time in milliseconds before idle limit checks will begin when the bundle is started.

Default: 10000