Policy Management API


The API used to manage PM policies.

GET /policies Returns a list of policies.
POST /policies Creates a policy with the supplied WS-Policy in XML.
GET /policies/types getPolicyTypes
GET /policies/{key} getPolicyXML
PUT /policies/{key} Update a policy..
GET /policies/{key} getPolicy
GET /policies/subtypes getPolicySubTypes
DELETE /policies/{key} deletePolicy
GET /policies/{key}/versions getPolicyVersions
POST /policies/{key}/versions Creates a new version of a policy with either a supplied WS-Policy in XML or an existing version number to be cloned.
GET /policies/{key}/versions/{version} getPolicyVersion
PUT /policies/{key}/versions/{version} Update a policy version
DELETE /policies/{key}/versions/{version} deletePolicyVersion
GET /policies/{key}/versions/{version}/workflow getWorkflowActions
PUT /policies/{key}/versions/{version}/workflow performWorkflowAction
[ Vendor: SOA Software , Version: 8.0.0 , Base Path: /rest ] [WSDL] [Swagger]