OBR Configuration (com.soa.admin.obr)

OBR Configuration

URL (url)

The repository URL

Basic Auth Username (username)

Username required to access the repository

Basic Auth Password (passwd)

Password required to access the repository.

SSL Certificates (SSLCert)

Trusted certificates to use with an SSL connection to the repository. The value is a base64-encoded version of the certificate list, each bounded by -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----, and -----END CERTIFICATE-----. See javax.security.cert.CertificateFactory.generateCertificates().

Password Encrypted (encrypt)

Boolean indicating that the password is encrypted.

Password Encryption Scheme (scheme)

The encryption scheme for the password value. The value 'DEFAULT' is the only currently supported scheme. Other schemes may be provided by implementing the com.soa.obr.security.CredentialEncoder interface.