Atmosphere (com.soa.atmosphere)

Atmosphere configuration properties

Auth Token Max Length (atmosphere.config.authTokenMaxLength)

The max length thats allowed for the token not to exceed the cookie length the browsers supports.

Default: 512

Enterprise Installation (atmosphere.config.enterpriseInstall)

The type of install (enterprise or multi tenant). true if its an enterprise install false otherwise.

Default: true

Refresh Interval (sni.x509.refresh.trigger.repeatInterval)

The interval in milliseconds between each auto refresh of the tenant x.509 SNI certificate cache.

Default: 86400000

Start Delay (sni.x509.refresh.trigger.startDelay)

The time in milliseconds before the tenant x.509 SNI certificate cache refresh job begins, after the bundle is started.

Default: 1800000

Enable Refresh (sni.x509.refresh.job.enabled)

Enables or disables the refresh job. If the refresh job is disabled, the tenant x.509 SNI certificate cache will not be refreshed

Default: true