Subsystem Clients (com.soa.client.subsystems)

Subsystem clients configuration

Alert Queue Size (alert.queue.capacity)

The size of the alert queue. Alerts are delivered asynchronously.

Default: 500

Alert Writer Threads (alert.reporter.maxThreads)

The number of Alert writer threads

Default: 1

PMClient Cache Expiration (pm.client.cache.cacheExpirationSecs)

PMClient cache expiration interval in seconds. The PMClient cache holds auth/auz information which will generally have an individual lifetime. This value is the default in cases where the entry does not have a value.

Default: 300

PMClient Cache Refresh Interval (pm.client.cache.refresh.trigger.repeatInterval)

PMClient cache refresh interval in milliseconds.

Default: 60000

PMClient Cache Refresh Start Delay (pm.client.cache.refresh.trigger.startDelay)

PMClient cache refresh start delay in milliseconds.

Default: 30000

Ignorable error codes for alerts (alert.config.blockedErrorCodesForAlert)

Ignorable error codes for alerts.

Default: com.soa.jbi.JBIErrorCode.BC_BINDING_ERROR_ENCOUNTERED, com.soa.transport.TransportErrorCode.AUTH_CHALLENGE_REQUIRED

Ignorable error codes for logging (alert.config.blockedErrorCodesForLogging)

Ignorable error codes for exhange logging when handling exhange.

Default: com.soa.transport.TransportErrorCode.AUTH_CHALLENGE_REQUIRED