Clustering (com.soa.cluster)

Configuration of cluster node synchronization

Enable Cluster Replication (cluster.replication.enabled)

Is cluster replication enabled for node?

Default: false

Master Node Hostname (master.node.hostname)

The master node hostname or IP. This is used by slave nodes to contact the master in order to retrieve synchronization data.

Master Node Port (master.node.port)

The master node port that will be used to retrieve the node descriptor

Excluded Configurations (excluded.configs)

The config admin PIDs that should not be exposed to other cluster members or consumed by this node. Note that changing these values can have serious consequences for the behaviour of a container in the SOA framework.

Default: com.soa.log com.soa.container.identity com.soa.admin.console

Node Descriptor Path (node.descriptor.path)

The path on the master node used to publish and consume node descriptors

Default: /admin/cluster/publish/state

Poll Interval (poll.interval)

The poll interval for slave nodes in milliseconds. This determines how often the slave polls the master for state information

Default: 4000