Container Configuration Refresh (com.soa.container.configuration.service)

Configuration of the container refresh properties

Refresh Interval (container.refresh.trigger.repeatInterval)

The interval in milliseconds between configuration updates

Default: 15000

Start Delay (container.refresh.trigger.startDelay)

The time in milliseconds before container updates will begin when the bundle is started.

Default: 10000

Enable Refresh (container.refresh.job.enabled)

Enable or disable the refresh job. If the refresh job is disabled, service, policy, and other configuration information will not be updated for this container.

Default: true

Retry Time Limit (container.config.polling.service.retryLimit)

Timeout (in seconds) of how long a failure to obtain configuration data from Policy Manager should be retried.

Default: 1800

Report Reconfiguring Container State (container.config.polling.service.reportReconfiguring)

Indicates container reconfiguring should be reported, if not once initial configuration is completed the container config job will always report com.soa.container.configuration.configured

Default: false