Grid Configuration (com.soa.grid)

Grid support configuration.

Local Port (

The local bind port

Default: 47500

Enable Multicast (

Enable/Disable multicast for discovery

Default: false

Multicast IP Address (

The multicast IP address to use

Default: 228.2

Multicast Port (

The multicast port

Default: 47400

Multicast Timeout (

Multicast timeout

Default: 10

MultiCast TTL (

Multicast time-to-live (TTL) value. This controls the scope, in terms of the number of network hops, of multicast packets.

Default: 8

Enable TCP (

Enable/disable TCP. If this is enabled, then at least one cluster member IP must be listed in the property.

Default: false

TCP Bind Addresses (

The local bind addresses for TCP.

Default: 0.0

TCP Peer IPs (

TCP peer addresses. If TCP is enabled this must contain the IP of at least one other cluster member. The value is a comma-separated string.

TCP Timeout (

TCP timeout

Default: 10