Filesystem-based Resources (com.soa.http.resources)

Configuration for a directory on the filesystem to be published as a HTTP resource.

HTTP Context Path (path)

The HTTP context path. This is a servlet path spec.

Resource Location (location)

The filesystem location of the resources to publish. This must point to a directory.

Context (context)

The application context for these resources. If omitted, '/' is used.

Mime Type Suffix Mapping (mimetypes)

Mapping of additional suffixes to mimetypes. The value is a comma-separated string where each value has the form mimetype=suffixsuffix. This is optional, a small set of defaults are pre-defined. The default is equivalent to 'text/css=css,text/html=htm html,text/javascript=js, text/plain=txt text,image/jpeg=jpeg jpg,image/png=png,image/tiff=tif tiff,application/json=json'

Response Headers (headers)

Any static headers to be included with responses. This is a comma-separated list of name-value pairs in the format header name=header value. This is useful to define cache control headers for example.