OAuth PingFederate (com.soa.oauth.pingfederate)

OAuth resource server configuration properties

Refresh Time (com.soa.pingfederate.config.refreshTime)

The refresh time in seconds the cache will be refreshed.

Default: 300

Expiration Period (com.soa.pingfederate.config.expirationPeriod)

The expiration period in seconds the cache will be expired.

Default: 3600

Cache Max Capacity (com.soa.pingfederate.config.cacheMaxCapacity)

Property indicating the number of maximum entries that can be cached at any time.

Default: 100000

com.soa.pingfederate.config.refreshDomainConfigTime (com.soa.pingfederate.config.refreshDomainConfigTime)

Property indicating the domain cache refresh time.

Default: 300

com.soa.pingfederate.config.cacheEnabled (com.soa.pingfederate.config.cacheEnabled)

Property indicating the cache to be enabled or disabled

Default: true