Provisoning (com.soa.provision)

Provisioning of bundles and/or configuration.

Poll Interval (com.soa.provision.poll)

The poll interval in milliseconds

No Initial Delay (com.soa.provision.noInitialDelay)

Should the scanners be initialized immediately on startup, or in the scanning thread. This allows configuration events to be handled synchronously (true) or asynchronously (false).

Default: true

Monitored Directory (com.soa.provision.file.dir)

The directory to monitor for filesystem scanners. Presence of this property will lead to the creation of a filesystem scanner.

File Filter (com.soa.provision.file.filter)

An optiobal filter that may be used to control what files are processed. This is a regular expression that follows the rules for String.match().

OBR Descriptor URL (com.soa.provision.obr.repository)

The location (URL) of an OBR descriptor file that will be used to locate resources to be provisioned. PResence of this propert will lead to the creation of an OBR scanner. Note that either this or com.soa.provision.file.dir should be used, they cannot be used simultaneously.

OBR Exclude List (com.soa.provision.obr.exclude)

A list of configuration PIDs that should be ignored by the OBR scanner. This is a space-separated list. Each value may end with an asterisk ('') wildcard, which will match any characters.

OBR Exclude Bundles (com.soa.provision.obr.exclude.bundles)

A booleanindicating that bundles should be excluded.