Identity Profile Caching (com.soa.service.identity.runtime)

Identity Profile Caching Configuration

Identity Profile Cache Expiration (identity.profile.subject.manager.cacheExpiration)

Expiration (in seconds) of the identity profile cache. An identity profile can have its own expiration, i.e., a TGT expiration for a Kerberos identity profile. An identity profile is cached until this cache expiration setting or the profile's expiration is reached, which ever comes sooner. A value less than will prevent any expiration so no changes to the profile will be detected. The cache used here is governed by the global 'generic' cache settings found in com.soa.cache.generic. The interval for checking for expired entries for all generic caches is controlled there. If this expiration value is less than the generic cache interval items will remain in the cache until that interval has completed and the expiration check is made.

Default: 30