Socket Transport (com.soa.transport.socket)

Socket transport configuration properties

Socket Timeout (socket.transport.factory.defaults.soTimeout)

The I/O timeout in milliseconds. This translates to the default SO_TIMEOUT for a socket. Generally, this will be overridden by a value for the endpoint configured in Policy Manager.

Default: 120000

Connection Timeout (socket.transport.factory.defaults.connectTimeout)

The timeout in milliseconds when establishing a connection. This value is passed directly to codeSocket.connect(address, timeout)/code. A value of 0 means an indefinite wait.

Default: 0

Reuse Address (socket.transport.factory.defaults.reuseAddress)

The default reuse address value for sockets. The corresponds to the SO_REUSEADDR socket property that is used to control the ability to bind to an address when a previously bound socket is in the TIME_WAIT state.

Default: true

Linger Time (socket.transport.factory.defaults.soLinger)

The default SO_LINGER value for sockets. Thsi value controls the timeout on socket close and is specified in seconds. A value of -1 disables SO_LINGER.

Default: -1