The APIs service provides a REST interface and a set of operations for managing APIs in the Akana API Platform. This API includes operations to support complete API lifecycle management, including creating and managing APIs and API versions, managing API OAuth details, managing legal agreements and the API Board, API monitoring and documentation, and relationships between APIs and apps.

POST /apis addAPI
POST /apis createAPI
GET /apis listAPIs
GET /apis listAPISummaries
GET /apis/versions listAPIVersions
GET /apis/versions listAllAPIVersions
GET /apis/hostendpoints listHostingContainerEndpoints
GET /apis/isendpointunique isEndpointUnique
GET /apis/services getAPIImplementations
GET /apis/{ApiID} getAPI
DELETE /apis/{ApiID} deleteAPI
PUT /apis/{ApiID} updateAPI
GET /apis/versions/{ApiVersionID} getAPIVersion
GET /apis/{APIID}/followers getFollowers
GET /apis/versions/autosettings getAutoConnectedAPIVersions
GET /apis/{APIID}/board getBoard
GET /apis/{ApiID}/settings getAPISettings
GET /apis/{ApiID}/versions getAPIVersions
POST /apis/{ApiID}/administrators addAPIAdministrator
GET /apis/{ApiID}/admins getAPIAdministrators
POST /apis/{ApiID}/versions addAPIVersion
POST /apis/{ApiID}/versions createAPIVersion
DELETE /apis/versions/{ApiVersionID} deleteAPIVersion
PUT /apis/versions/{ApiVersionID} updateAPIVersion