The Login service provides a REST interface and a set of operations that deal with logging in and out, including getting an authentication token, renewing an authorization token, and deleting an authorization token cookie. This API also includes interfaces to perform SSO login.

POST login
POST /federatedLogin federatedLogin
POST /appLogin appLogin
GET /initiateSSOLogin initiateSSOLogin
POST /federatedLogout federatedLogout
POST /authenticateWithPasswordResetCode authenticateWithPasswordResetCodeFormPost
POST /authenticateWithPasswordResetCode authenticateWithPasswordResetCode
GET /domains getLoginDomains
PUT /domains updateLoginDomains
POST /renewToken renewToken
GET /renewToken renewTokenGet
GET /logout logoutGet
POST /logout logout
GET /status getLoginStatus
POST /validateRegistrationCode validateRegistrationCode
GET /endsession endSession
GET /ssologout processLogoutGet
POST /ssologout processLogoutPost
POST /pendingtasks resolveLoginPendingTask
GET /loginWithSSO loginWithSSO
GET /ssoLoginInstructions ssoLoginInstructions
GET /domains/{LoginDomainID} getLoginDomain
GET /ssoLogin{domainid:(/[^/]+?)?} ssoLogin
GET /domains/{LoginDomainID}/logo getLoginDomainLogo
POST /ssoLogin{domainid:(/[^/]+?)?} ssoLoginPost
[ Vendor: Rogue Wave Akana , Base Path: /api/login ] [WSDL] [Swagger]