Provides operations that allow you to manage reviews of apps, APIs, or groups on the platform, including creating, deleting, and listing reviews and marking reviews as helpful.

GET /reviews listReviews
POST /reviews addReview
GET /reviews/{reviewID} getReview
PUT /reviews/{reviewID} updateReview
DELETE /reviews/{reviewID} deleteReview
GET /reviews/{reviewID}/details getReviewDetails
POST /reviews/{reviewID}/marks markReview
POST /reviews/{reviewID}/comments commentOnReview
GET /reviews/{reviewID}/comments getReviewComments
DELETE /reviews/{reviewID}/marks/{userID} unmarkReview
POST /reviews/{reviewID}/comments/{commentID}/marks markComment
DELETE /reviews/{reviewID}/comments/{commentID}/marks/{userID} unmarkComment
[ Vendor: Rogue Wave Akana , Base Path: /api ] [WSDL] [Swagger]