Import Binding from WSDL

Learn how to import bindings and interfaces from a WSDL file into the Policy Manager data repository, so that they can be re-used later to model web services.

Table of Contents

  1. Launch the Import Bindings and Interfaces Wizard
  2. Select WSDL Import Option
  3. Select Bindings and Interfaces

Launch the Import Bindings and Interfaces Wizard

  1. Log in to the Policy Manager Management Console.
  2. Go to Configure > Registry > Bindings.
  3. On the Bindings Summary screen, click View Binding Details.
  4. Click Import Binding from WSDL.

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Select WSDL Import Option

The Select WSDL Import Option screen includes three WSDL import options:

  • WSDL Path
  • Zip Archive Path

To import a WSDL

  1. Click the radio button for the WSDL Import Option you want to use to import a WSDL file.
    • WSDL URL—Specify a WSDL using a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). Enter the address into the field display. The name format must conform to a supported Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) Scheme.
    • WSDL PATH—Specify a WSDL by file path. Click Browse, choose the directory location of the WSDL file, and then click to select the file.
    • Zip Archive PATH—Specify a zipped WSDL by file path. Click Browse, choose the location of the WSDL ZIP file, and then click to select the file.
  2. Click Next. The system accesses the specified file and presents the following screens:
    • For WSDL URL and WSDL Path—The system processes the WSDL file data and presents a list of WSDL service elements. If the WSDL file includes multiple service elements, each service element is represented using a Service QName that includes a namespace URI and a Localpart. Click the radio button next to the Service QName that represents the WSDL service element you want to add to the current service definition.
    • For Zip Archive Path—The system reads the zip archive file and presents the file list on the Select File from Zip Archive screen. Click the radio button next to the File Name of the zip archive file that contains the WSDL you would like to add to the current service.
  3. Click Next. The system reads the selected file and presents the Select WSDL Service Element screen.

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Select Bindings and Interfaces

The following steps are performed after you have selected the appropriate service elements.

  1. Click Next. The Select Bindings and Interfaces screen is displayed, showing a list of Binding QNames and Interface QNames that exist in the WSDL file that was selected for import (see Select WSDL Import Option).
  2. Select Interfaces:

    Note: The Status column provides an indicator reflecting whether an interface is new or already exists and is stored in the Policy Manager data repository.

    • To select All bindings and/or interfaces, click the Binding QName and/or Interface QName checkbox.
    • To select specific bindings and/or interfaces, click the checkbox next to each binding/interface you would like imported.
  3. Click Finish. The import process begins. Your imported Bindings and/or Interfaces will display on the Bindings Summary Screen.

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