View WSDL (Binding)

Learn how to display WSDL metadata associated with the current binding.

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Supported Platforms: 7.0 and later.
To view WSDL bindings
  1. Log in to the Policy Manager Management Console.
  2. Go to Configure > Registry > Bindings.
  3. On the Bindings Summary screen, click View Binding Details.
  4. Target a binding that you would like view a WSDL for.
    Note: *WSDL metadata is copied to the Policy Manager "Registry" when the service is registered using the Create Physical Service Wizard.
  5. From the Actions drop-down list, select View WSDL. The View WSDL screen displays showing the WSDL for the current binding.
  6. (Optional) Export the WSDL to an xml file.
    • Click Save. A File Download pop-up appears.
    • Click Save.
    • Specify a filename for the exported WSDL.
    • Navigate to a directory where you would like to save the exported WSDL.
    • Click Save.
      The WSDL file export is saved in the specified location.

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