Custom WSDL properties

Learn about custom properties you can use in your API descriptor WSDL file.

Information about additional custom properties will be added in the future.

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  1. http.multi.valued.headers


Valid in version: 8.2.33 and later, 2018.0.0

You can use the http.multi.valued.headers header connection property to support service-level multi-valued headers in your WSDL.

Configuring HTTP headers as multi-valued in the API descriptor WSDL forces a parse of the header value before it is passed to the downstream service, in order to send each part as an individual value, normalizing the values and removing unnecessary spaces in certain cases.

Because this behavior is not always required or desirable, this connection property is supported as a WSDL custom property, allowing multi-valued headers to be configured on a service basis rather than globally for the container, thus avoiding the parse operation when it is not required.

To use this property, add it to the WSDL within the port element. For example:

<wsdl:service name="SimpleGETService">
 <wsdl:port name="SamplePort" binding="tns:SimpleGETHTTPBinding">
   <shttp:address location="http://SampleWSDL:9920"/>
   <soa:connectionProperty name="http.multi.valued.headers" value="x-test-header1, X-Test-Header2"/>