Step 1: Complete CA SiteMinder Integration Prerequisites

Complete prerequisite steps before integrating CA SiteMinder with Policy Manager.

Using Admin Console Integrate CA SiteMinder with Policy Manager (Main Topic)

Table of Contents

  1. System Requirements
  2. Prerequisites

System Requirements

CA SiteMinder Web Agent Support

  • CA SiteMinder Administration Server - Version 6.x - 12.x installed and configured according to your organizations standard procedures.
  • 64-bit implementation supported.

Note:   The architecture of the Java Virtual Machine (JRE) must match the architecture of the SiteMinder libraries being used, including the Java version used with the SOA Software components.


Perform the following prerequisite steps before integrating with SOA Software CA SiteMinder:

SOA Software Platform Installation

  • Version 7.1 Users - Install SOA Software Platform 7.1
  • Version 7.2 Users - Install SOA Software Platform 7.2


Policy Manager Container
  • Configure a Policy Manager SOA Container instance and install the SOA Software Policy Manager Console and SOA Software Policy Manager Services features.
Network Director Container
  • Configure one or more Network Director SOA Container instances and install the SOA Software Network Director feature.

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