Policy Manager for IBM WebSphere DataPower Policies

Secure and monitor a service running on DataPower using DataPower policies.

Orchestration Policy

Learn how to sequence message flow through DataPower using the Orchestration Policy.

Dynamic User-Defined DataPower Policy (Non-Pipeline)

Learn how to configure DataPower processing rules that can be referenced by the pipeline version of the Dynamic User-Defined DataPower Policy.

Dynamic User-Defined DataPower Component (Pipeline)

Learn how to reference a "User-Defined Category" that is defined in a non-pipeline version of the Dynamic User-Defined DataPower Policy and configure policy attachments.

User-Defined DataPower Policy Component

Learn how to add a processing rule defined in the WebSphere DataPower Appliance to the User-Defined DataPower Component.

WTX Transformation Component

Learn how to modify a web service message using a WTX (WebSphere Transformation Extender).

DataPower Contracts Policy

Learn how to disable contracts that are not needed for a given managed DataPower service or operation using the DataPower Contracts Policy.

DataPower Mediation Policy

Learn how to use the DataPower Mediation Policy to specify the mediation mode used for a given managed DataPower service.

DataPower Custom Policy Framework

Learn how to add DataPower custom policies to change the behavior of a service at runtime.