DataPower Orchestration Policy Activities

Policy Activities used in a DataPower Orchestration Policy.

Invoke Service Activity

Allows you to specify the service you would like to call with the activity and configure message input and output variables. It is the first activity you must configure in an Orchestration Policy.

Insert XML Activity

Allows you to customize the message that will go to the backend service.

Auditing Activity

Allows you to record the message that you specified in the Invoke Service Activity.

User-Defined DataPower Policy Activity

Allows you to add custom processing to the orchestration workflow by referencing a DataPower "Processing Rule" name in the activity definition.

Dynamic User-Defined DataPower Policy Activity

Allows you to reference one or more DataPower "Processing Rules" by allowing you to dynamically attach to the non-pipeline version of the policy by referencing the "User-Defined Category."

Transformation Activity

Allows you to modify a web service message using an XSLT (eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformation) style sheet (for XML or SOAP messages) or WTX (WebSphere Transformation Extender) .dpa file (for Binary messages).