Using the DataPower Contracts Policy

Learn how to use DataPower Contracts Policy to disable contracts for a given managed DataPower service in cases where contracts are not required.

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By default, all DataPower transactions for all managed services must pass contract authorization in order to DataPower to pass the transaction. If contract authorization fails, DataPower will always fail the transaction.

If contracts are not needed for a given managed DataPower service or service operation, they can be disabled via Policy Manager using the DataPower Contracts Policy.

Note that disabling contracts is a potential security hole, as DataPower will let a transaction succeed even if that transaction would normally fail due to a contract authorization failure.

Reference Documentation

Refer to the following articles in the Knowledgebase section of the Akana Customer Support Site

  • How Do I Disable Contract Authorization on DataPower using the DataPower Contracts?

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