Using the DataPower Custom Policy Framework

Learn how to add DataPower custom policies to change the behavior of a service at runtime.

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Reference Documentation


The Akana Policy Manager Custom Policy Framework feature, provides functionality for adding custom policies to Policy Manager. These policies can then be attached to a service in order to change the behavior of that service at runtime.

The Custom Policy Framework includes a series of sample XML policies that illustrate levels of functionality you can add to a policy definition. Review the sample policies to become familiar with how they are structured and options available to you. You can then deploy the samples and view the user-interface of each policy in the Policy Manager Management Console to determine what options you would like to use in your own custom policies.


This feature is installed as part of the standard DataPower installation process outlined in the Policy Manager for IBM WebSphere DataPower 7.0: Installation Guide.

Reference Documentation

Refer to the following articles in the Knowledgebase section of the Akana Customer Support Site

  • How Do I Enforce a Custom Policy On DataPower Using XSLT?
  • How Do I Enforce a Custom Policy On DataPower Using BeanShell?

The sample policies are located in the following folders:

  • {pm_release_directory}\samples\com.soa.examples.custom.policy
  • {pm_release_directory}\samples\com.soa.datapower.policy.handler.beanshell
  • {pm_release_directory}\samples\com.soa.datapower.policy.handler.xslt

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