Using the DataPower Mediation Policy

Learn how to use the DataPower Mediation Policy to specify the mediation mode used for a given managed DataPower service.

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Within a managed DataPower service, mediation refers to the ability to manage differences between a communication going into the DataPower appliance and communications, typically of a different type, going out of the DataPower appliance. For example, DataPower might receive a SOAP/HTTP communication into the front of the appliance, but send a SOAP/WebSphere MQ communication out of the back of the appliance, to a back-end system.

Going from SOAP/HTTP to SOAP/WebSphere MQ is an example of a mediation. DataPower adds some automatic mediation functionality for managed services, while Policy Manager for DataPower adds some mediation functionality of its own, while user-contributed logic can add still other mediation functionality. Between all three of DataPower, Policy Manager for DataPower, and user-contributed functionality, a wide range of mediations are possible within managed DataPower APIs.

The DataPower Mediation Policy allows you to enable Pass-Through and Advanced Mediation modes.

Reference Documentation

Refer to the following articles in the Knowledgebase section of the Akana Customer Support Site

  • DataPower Mediation Guide
  • How Do I Configure Pass-Through Mediation for my DataPower Service?
  • How Do I Configure Advanced Mediation for my DataPower Service?

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