How to Invoke a Service from Script

This is an example of a script showing how to invoke a service using the Messenger Service. See the full docs for the Messenger Service in the script docs.

NOTE: you can set outbound identities using the Manage Outbound Activies action on the virtual service. Alternatively you can set principals within the script, but this is more complex.

// Grab the message variable for input
var msg = processContext.getVariable("message");

// Set up the new messenger service and instance instances
messenger = msgrService.getMessenger();
exchangeFactory = msgrService.createExchangeFactory();
exchange = exchangeFactory.createInOut();

// Tell the messenger service exchange which service, interface, and operation to invoke

// Tell the messenger service exchange which message variable to use as it's input

// Send the message

// Read the response and override the input msg variable with the response
msg = exchange.getOutMessage();

// Replace the message variable in the process with the result of the invoke

That’s it. Nice and simple.