Intermediary for Microsoft (Version 7.2) Scripting Support

Learn about Intermediary for Microsoft (Version 7.2) scripting support in Policy Manager 7.2.

Using the Operational Script Policy 7.x Policy Manager 7.2 Scripting API

Supported Platforms: 7.2.

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Intermediary for Microsoft (IMS) (Version 7.2) supports the Policy Manager 7.2 Operational Script Policy.

This policy works in the same manner as it does with the Network Director (see Using the Operational Script Policy 7.x).

Policy Support

The Operational Script Policy supports the majority of the same APIs that Network Director supports (see Policy Manager 7.2 Scripting API) with the following exceptions:

  • com.soa.message.script.Message.normalize()
  • com.soa.process.bpel.runtime.script package
  • package
  • package
  • class
  • com.soa.message.handler.script.MessageContext.setMessage(Message msg)
  • is renamed as getSubject(category)
  • com.soa.message.script.Headers.get(name) is renamed as getHeader(name)

Method Return Type Changes

The following Return Type changes were made to the Policy Manager 7.2 Scripting API to accommodate the difference between .NET and JAVA languages.

  • java.util.Set ***changed to*** System.Collections.Generic.List
  •[] changed to System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates.X509Certificate2[]
  • java.lang.Object[] changed to System.Object[]
  • javax.xml.namespace.QName changed to System.Xml.XmlQualifiedName
  • java.lang.String changed to System.String

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