Registry Overview

Use the Management Console to manage the classification of data associated with business organization and service definitions: Configure notifications when business providers or service definitions have changed, as well as registry subscriptions.

Access Registry tools by going to the Configure > Registry section of the Management Console.

Category Schemes

Define your own custom category schemes that align with your specific business requirements.


Review the category hierarchy and add or delete subcategories.

Identifier Schemes

Define your own custom identifier schemes that align with your specific business requirements.


Learn about schemas, which are referenced when importing WSDL files and describe the messages used by the services.


Learn about interfaces, which define the behavior of a service based on a set of defined operations that the interface implements.


Learn about tModels, which represent definitions of UDDI web service types and are used to define pointers to the technical specification of a web service and for configuring identifier and category taxonomies to facilitate advanced discovery.


In addition to being used to obtain updates regarding business entity or business service changes, subscription functionality allows clients with third-party registries (subscribers) to monitor a subset of data within the Policy Manager Registry.


Learn how replication provides the ability to federate with third-party UDDI-compliant registries, thereby extending the governance capabilities of the Policy Manager Management Workbench to a distributed development organization.

Registry Reference

Includes Identifier Scheme Types, WSDL Entity Type tModels, UDDI Category tModels, Policy Manager Category tModels, and Business Taxonomy tModels.