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Compliance policies allow organizations to create standards that control the quality of the data in the repository. These policies can be used to analyze the service metamodel, WSDL documents, Schema, and transactional data to determine whether they meet corporate standards.

A Compliance Policy is added using the Add Policy function. After a Compliance Policy instance is added, it is configured with a compliance rule. A compliance rule is a test against the service WSDL, UDDI document message, or other aspects of the service metadata model. You can combine a number of Compliance Policies, each representing one compliance rule, in a Compliance Aggregate Policy.

You can attach one or more Compliance Policies (rules) to Policy Manager objects (for example, organizations or services). The policies are then executed as part of the compliance check. Policies (and rules) can also be imported from an XML document using the Import Package function.

Only the System Administrator can create and manage Compliance Policies. Compliance Policies are accessible from the Policies > Compliance tab.

In the Policy Manager console, choose Policies > Compliance Polices to view, add, modify, delete, and manage references for Compliance Policies.

The platform supports the following compliance policies:

  • Compliance Aggregate Policy
  • Compliance Script Policy
  • Compliance WSI BP Policy
  • Compliance XQuery Policy

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