Policy Manager Quality of Service (QoS) Policies

Define metrics of requirements for ensuring service availability, performance, integrity, and reliability using QoS Policies.

About Policies Managing Policies

About QoS Policies

Provides a brief overview of the QoS Policy solution.

Service Level Policies

Using the Service Level Enforcement Policy

Learn how to enable and configure the error message returned to the consumer when the SLA is violated.

Using the Service Level Policy

Learn how to define conditions for measuring and reporting performance of a specific Contract.

Quota Management Policies

Using the Bandwidth Quota Policy

Learn how to configure the bandwidth cap (quota) that a consumer can upload or download at any given time.

Using the Concurrency Quota Policy

Learn how to monitor web service concurrency performance by specifying a concurrency limit (quota).

Using the Throughput Quota Policy

Learn how to monitor web service throughput performance by specifying a throughput limit (quota) and queue size, and by configuring fault and alert notifications.

Using the Timeout Policy

Learn how to configure the timeout for service requests and specify a custom fault error message.

Using the Script Policy

Learn how to add custom utility scripts for performing different actions to the policy definition using JavaScript, Jython, or BeanShell script languages.

Auditing Policies

Using the Basic Auditing Policy

Learn how to enable basic auditing of message size, bindings, and contracts.

Using the Detailed Auditing Policy

Learn how to audit messages and record the message metrics in the Monitoring > Logs tab as well as messages of each exchange.

Using the Public and Private Operational Script Policies in Policy Manager 8.x

Learn how to create your own custom public and private policies and associate it with different components of a service's definition (for example, organizations, services, operations, bindings, and access points).