Managing Scripts

Tools for managing Script definitions.

Getting Started with Scripts Policy Manager Scripting API

Table of Contents

  1. Add Script
  2. Modify Script Information
  3. Change Organization
  4. Copy Script
  5. Delete Script
  6. Export Script
  7. Modify Script
  8. View Script References

Script Management Functions

The following script management functions apply to scripts defined in the Scripts folder. They are available:

  • On the Script Summary
  • From the Script Summary drop-down menu
  • Via the Actions Portlet on the Script > Details page

Add Script

Allows you to define common functions that you might need to perform in your scripts, and then save them in Script objects so that you can re-use them. Notes:

  • To make use of common functions from a Script Activity or QoS Script Policy, you must import the Script objects defining those functions.
  • The Imports area is where those scripts are identified for import.
  • You can move any number of scripts in the tree to the Imported Scripts list box.
  • Only scripts that match the language type will be available for selection in the tree.
  • The script does not return a value.

For more information, see Add Script or Add Script Policy.

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Modify Script Information

Allows you to change the name and description of a script.

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Change Organization

Allows you to move the current script configuration to a different Organization. Notes:

  • If a script is referenced in process definitions via the Script Activity, it can only be moved within the current Script Scope (for example, Organization, Service, or Operation).
  • If you want to move a script to a different Organization, the references must stay in scope.
  • To determine what references a script might have, go to the script and then select View Script References.
  • To remove script references, remove the Script Activity that contains the reference from the script definition.

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Copy Script

Allows you to replicate a script definition and assign new values for Script Name and Script Key. Using this function, you can:

  1. Configure elements that represent core functionality of a script.
  2. Replicate the core elements to a new script.
  3. Perform additional customization on the copy.

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Delete Script

Deletes the selected script definition. In order to delete a script, it must not be referenced—that is, used/imported in one or more Script Activity definitions. The number of script references is indicated in the # column; to view it, select View Script References.

If you want to delete a script, you must first remove the script from the list of imported scripts in the Script Activity in your process definition.

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Export Script

Provides a method of exporting a script definition to a Package file. This Package file can then be imported into a different Policy Manager deployment using the Import Package function.

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Modify Script

Allows you to update your script definition.

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View Script References

Displays processes and QoS Policies that are using the current script.

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