Assigning a Role to a User

Learn how to assign a role to a user in Policy Manager.

Location in Policy Manger Management Console: Workbench > Browse > Security.

Security (Home) User Administration

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  1. Assigning a role to a user

Assigning a role to a user

You can assign a role to a specific user in Policy Manager.

The procedure below assigns the System Administrator role. The process works exactly the same for all roles.

To grant System Administrator permission
  1. Log in to the Policy Manager console as the Administrator.
  2. Click the Workbench tab and then, on the left, click Registry.
  3. On the right, click the Security tab, as shown below.

    Add permissions: Security tab

  4. In the right pane, scroll down to the Role Memberships section, and find the System Administrator role. On the right, click Manage Role, as shown below.

    Add permissions: modifying the permission

  5. In the Object Based Security Role page, use the search feature to locate the user. In the example below, choosing Contains with no value and clicking Save returns a full list of users. Click the username in the left pane and click the arrow icon (>>) to move the admin user to the right pane, to assign the role.

    Add permissions: assigning user to role

  6. Click Apply. The admin user now has the System Administrator role and can use the API.

Note: You can also grant permissions in the developer portal: Administration > Users. See How do I assign security roles to users for my organization? However, you might find that the System Administrator permission isn't displayed on the list since these permissions are senior to the developer portal.

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