Workflow Library

The Policy Manager Workflow Library provides a complete workflow system that includes a set of built-in functions, conditions, and variables to simplify the process of writing a workflow definition for performing service, contract, and policy management in the Policy Manager. These elements can be used along with other existing functions/conditions/variables provided by OSWorkflow.

Managing Workflow

Description of functions and tools for managing service, contract, and policy workflow definitions.

Default Workflows

Description of Policy Manager service, contract, and policy default workflows.

Workflow Variables

Description of built-in Workflow Variables that can be referenced in a Workflow Definition.

Workflow Functions

Description of built-in Workflow Functions that can be used to perform specific actions relative to a service, contract, or policy.

Workflow Conditions

Description of built-in workflow condition types that can be used with Policy Manager workflow.

Reserved Actions

Description of reserved states and actions that can be defined in a workflow definition.

Using Scripts in Workflows

Information about using scripting with Policy Manager workflows.

Workflow Portlets

Description of Service, Contract, and Policy Workflow Portlets in the Policy Manager Management Console.

Command-Line Tools for Workflow

Information about a command-line tool that allows integrating Policy Manager workflow with external processing.

Special Workflow State and Workflow Task List

Description of special workflow state and workflow task list.