Workflow Library

The Policy Manager Workflow Library provides a complete workflow system that includes a set of built-in functions, conditions, and variables to simplify the process of writing a workflow definition for performing service, contract, and policy management in the Policy Manager. These elements can be used along with other existing functions/conditions/variables provided by OSWorkflow.

Workflow Management Workflow Developers Guide

Default Workflows

Description of Policy Manager service, contract, and policy default workflows.

Workflow Variables

Description of built-in Workflow Variables that can be referenced in a Workflow Definition.

Workflow Functions

Description of built-in Workflow Functions that can be used to perform specific actions relative to a service, contract, or policy.

Workflow Conditions

Description of built-in workflow condition types that can be used with Policy Manager workflow.

Reserved Actions

Description of reserved states and actions that can be defined in a workflow definition.

Special Workflow State and Workflow Task List

Description of special workflow state and workflow task list.