Managing API Administrators

Each API must have one API Administrator, and can have more than one. Initially, the person creating the API in the Akana API Platform becomes the first Administrator for the API.

Anyone with API Administrator rights can perform tasks relating to the API, such as:

  • Creating additional API Administrators
  • Removing someone from the API Administrator role
  • Creating a new version of the API
  • Modifying API settings
  • For a Private API, creating an API Scope Group

To manage API Administrator, you must:

  1. Get the information about the API by invoking the GET /api/apis/{APIID} operation.
  2. In the response, find the AdminGroupID property. This property gives the GroupID that includes Administrators for the API. All the members of this group are automatically API Administrators. Managing API Administrators is the same as managing members of this group.
  3. For information about operations relating to managing groups, refer to the documentation for the Groups service.

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