Managing App Versions

When you create an app, the first version of the app is also created. An app cannot exist in the Akana API Platform without at least one version. You can create multiple versions, but there must be at least one.

If you want to replace the current version with a new version, it's important that you first add the new version and then delete the old. If you delete the single existing version first, the app itself is also deleted.

To delete an app entirely, use the DELETE /api/apps/{AppID} operation. To delete an app version, use DELETE /api/apps/versions/{AppVersionID}, but make sure that there is another version before deleting the targeted version.

If you're not sure what versions exist for the app, you can run either GET /api/apps/versions?Identity={identity} (with the app identity, user-defined or the App Runtime ID) or >GET /api/apps/{AppID}/versions (with the AppID) to get information about all existing versions.

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