Console Resource Service: Overview

The Console Resource service provides operations that allow you to upload and manage platform resources such as platform CSS, customizable platform content pages, and platform help files. This service is used for any platform assets, stored in the /resources/ folder structure.

URL: /resources

Action Endpoint Description
add POST /resources/{path:.*} Adds a folder to the console /resources/ folder structure.
delete DELETE /resources/{path:.*} Deletes a console resource.
generate styles POST /resources/branding/generatestyles Generates platform styles for a specified theme or for all themes.
get GET /resources/{path:.*} Returns the platform resource, such as a CSS file, specified in the path. Can also return a folder and its contents in a ZIP file.
get resource version key GET /resources/resourceversionkey Returns the ResourceVersion Key for console resources.
rename PUT /resources/{path:.*} Renames a resource in the platform's /resources/ folder structure.
upload POST /resources/{path:.*} Uploads a developer portal resource, such as a stylesheet, to the /resources/ folder structure.

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