Content Service: Overview

The Content service provides operations for managing content associated with the platform, including adding, modifying, deleting, and retrieving. Content can include API documentation, legal agreements, artifacts for the API Downloads page, and site documentation.

URL: For this service, the URL depends on the operation.

Action Endpoint Description
add POST content/{path} (with specific content-type) Adds a single file of new content to the platform, or adds a new directory.
delete DELETE content/{path} Deletes platform content associated with an API (a specific file).
get GET {contentpath} Retrieves the requested content from the platform.
rename PUT content/rename Renames the specified content resource on the platform.
upload POST /content/{path} (with specific content-type) Uploads a single file of existing content to the platform, or uploads a ZIP file of existing content and unzips it to the specified location.

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