Groups Service: Overview

The Groups service provides methods for managing groups in the Akana API Platform, including app teams, API Scope Groups, and independent groups.

URL: https://{hostname}/api/groups

Action Endpoint Description
add group POST /api/groups Adds an independent group to the platform.
delete group DELETE /api/groups/{GroupID} Deletes a group on the platform.
execute workflow action POST /api/groups/requests/{MembershipRequestID}/actions Executes an action that is available for a given membership request. The two possible actions are to approve or disapprove the request.
getboard GET /api/groups/{GroupID}/board Returns a list of Board items for the specified group.
get avatar GET /api/groups/{GroupID}/avatars/{AvatarVersionID}.png Retrieves the specified avatar version associated with the specified resource. The avatar might be the current one or an earlier one.
get default avatar GET /api/groups/{GroupID}/avatar Returns the default (current) avatar for the specified resource.
get followers GET /api/groups/{GroupID}/followers Returns a list of the users who are following the specified group.
get group GET /api/groups/{GroupID} Returns a summary of information about the specified group.
get group members GET /api/groups/{GroupID}/members Returns information about the members of the specified group. The information is returned in the form of an RSS channel.
get group settings GET /api/groups/{GroupID}/settings Retrieves information about the settings for the specified group; for example, whether ratings are supported for the group.
get rating GET /api/groups/versions/{GroupID}/ratings/{UserID} Returns a specific user's rating for a resource.
get rating summary GET /api/groups/versions/{GroupID}/ratings/summary Retrieves a summary of the ratings for a resource.
get request state GET /api/groups/requests/{MembershipRequestID} Returns the state value for the specified group membership request.
invite member to group POST /api/groups/{GroupID}/members Invites a new member to the specified group.
list members GET /api/groups/{GroupID}/members Returns information about the members of the specified group. The information is returned in JSON format.
modify group PUT /api/groups/{GroupID} Changes one or more values relating to the specified group.
remove member from group DELETE /api/groups/{GroupID}/members/{UserID} Removes the specified user from the specified group.
update rating PUT /api/apis/versions/{ID}/ratings/{UserID} Adds or updates a specific user's rating for a resource. If the rating doesn't exist, this operation adds it; if it already exists, the operation updates it.
Update member role PUT /api/groups/{GroupID}/members/{UserID}/role Changes the role assigned to the specified member in the specified group.

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