Legals Service: Overview

The Legals service provides the ability to manage legal agreements in the Akana API Platform. Note that these operations are for managing legal agreements general to the platform, such as end-user license agreements. Operations relating to legal agreements for access to a specific API are part of the APIs service.

For more information about managing legal agreements, see Managing Legal Agreements on the Platform.

URL: https://{hostname}/api/legals

Action Endpoint Description
accept agreement POST /api/legals/agreements Records the user's acceptance of a legal agreement document for the platform.
create new agreement POST /api/legals Assigns a document as a legal agreement on the platform, and adds information about the agreement.
get agreement document GET /api/legals/{LegalDocumentID} Returns a summary of information about a specified legal agreement document on the platform.
get agreement documents GET /api/legals?AgreementType={LegalAgreementType} Returns a summary of information about a specific type of legal agreement documents on the platform, in the form of an RSS feed.
list agreement documents GET /api/legals?AgreementType={LegalAgreementType} Returns information about all legal agreement documents matching the specified criteria, in the form of a JSON or XML object.
update agreement PUT /api/legals/{LegalDocumentID} Updates information about the platform legal agreement. You can use this operation to change or deactivate the existing legal agreement.

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