Licenses Service: Overview

The Licenses service provides operations for managing API licenses.

URL: https://{hostname}/api/notifications

Action Endpoint Description
add license POST /api/licenses Adds a license.
change license state PUT /api/licenses/{LicenseID}/state Changes the state of a license.
delete license DELETE /api/licenses/{LicenseID} Deletes the specified license on the platform.
export license GET /api/licenses/{LicenseID}/package Exports information about platform licenses to an export file that can be imported to another platform instance.
get license GET /api/licenses/{LicenseID} Returns information about the specified license.
modify legal state PUT /api/licenses/{LicenseID}/legals/{LegalDocumentID}/state Updates the state of a legal document associated with a license on the platform.
update license PUT /api/licenses/{LicenseID} Updates information about a license on the platform.

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