Reviews Service: Overview

Provides operations that allow you to manage reviews of apps, APIs, or groups on the platform, including creating, deleting, and listing reviews and marking reviews as helpful.

URL: https://{hostname}/api/reviews

Action Endpoint Description
add review POST /api/reviews Adds a review of a resource.
delete review DELETE /api/reviews/{ReviewID} Deletes the specified review.
get review GET /api/reviews/{ReviewID} Returns the specified review.
get review details GET /api/reviews/{ReviewID}/details Returns information about the specified review.
list reviews GET /api/reviews Returns a list of all reviews.
mark a review POST /api/reviews/{ReviewID}/marks Adds a mark to a review.
unmark a review DELETE /api/reviews/{ReviewID}/marks/{UserID} Removes the specified user's mark from a review that the user has previously marked.
update a review PUT /api/reviews/{ReviewID} Updates the specified review.

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