Roles Service: Overview

The operations in the Roles service allow you to manage security roles on the platform, including adding and deleting roles, modifying user/role assignments, and retrieving information about roles.

Note: These operations take the ResourceID as a parameter. In the context of platform roles, this value is the same as the BusinessID for the default tenant business organization. To find out this value, you can run the GET /api/properties operation (TenantBusinessID parameter in the response). To get the RoleName, used in some operations, use the GET /api/roles/{ResourceID} operation (see below).

URL: https://{hostname}/api/roles

Action Endpoint Description
get role GET /api/roles/{ResourceID}/{RoleName} Returns information about the specified security role on the API platform and the users who are assigned to it.
get roles GET /api/roles/{ResourceID} Returns information about the security roles defined on the API platform.
update users assigned to role PUT /api/roles/{ResourceID}/{RoleName} Updates information about the users assigned to the specified platform role.

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