Tenant Administration Service: Overview

The Tenant Administration service includes operations relating to managing settings for a platform tenant.

Note: Most of these operations take the FedmemberID as a parameter. You can get this value from the response to the GET /api/properties operation. For information about any other IDs used in path parameters, see IDs on the Platform.

URL: https://{hostname}/api/tenants

Action Endpoint Description
delete tenant theme PKI DELETE /api/tenants/{FedmemberID}/theme/{theme}/pki Deletes the digital certificate information from the specified tenant theme.
export GET /api/tenants/{ResourceID}/package Exports information about business resources on the platform, to a ZIP file. This operation is used internally by the Promotion add-on feature to promote a resource.
export tenant theme PKI GET /api/tenants/{FedmemberID}/theme/{theme}/pki/export Exports PKI information for the specified tenant theme.
get environment promotion context GET /api/tenants/{FedMemberID}/{environment}/promotion/context Returns information about the dependencies that exist in the specified environment, such as APIs, services, policies, scripts, processes, resources, and businesses.
get tenant GET /api/tenants/{FedmemberID} Returns information about a tenant on the API Platform.
get tenant country codes GET /api/tenants/{FedmemberID}/countrycodes Returns a list of telephone country codes for the tenant.
get tenant theme PKI GET /api/tenants/{FedmemberID}/theme/{theme}/pki Returns PKI information for the specified tenant theme.
get tenant themes GET /api/tenants/{FedmemberID}/themes Returns information about the themes set up for the specified tenant.
import package POST /api/tenants/{FedmemberID}/packages Imports information that was previously exported from a platform version.
remove tenant DELETE /api/tenants/{FedmemberID} Deletes the specified platform tenant.
save tenant country codes PUT /api/tenants/{FedmemberID}/countrycodes Adds or updates the list of telephone country codes that will be supported for telephone numbers in user profiles.
update tenant PUT /api/tenants/{FedmemberID} Updates information about the specified platform tenant.
Update repository configuration PUT /api/tenants/{FedmemberID}/repositoryconfig Updates the Lifecycle Repository configuration for the specified tenant.
upload tenant theme PKI POST /api/tenants/{FedmemberID}/theme/{theme}/pki Adds PKI information for the specified tenant theme.

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