Alert Object

Contains information about an alert.

This object is used by the following operations:

The properties included in the Alert object are listed below.

Property Type Description
AlertID string The unique ID for a specific comment.
APIID string Here, send the APIVersionID, not the APIID.
ContractID string The unique ID for a specific contract between an app version and an API version.
Title string The title of the alert.
Description string The description of the alert.
Type string The type of alert.
Priority string The priority setting for the alert.
Environment string The environment that the alert relates to (Sandbox or Production).
UserID string The unique ID for a specific user.
UserName string The username of the author of the alert.
Created dateTime The date/time stamp when the resource was first created. Used only in response messages.
Marks integer The number of marks on the alert.
IsMarked boolean Indicates whether there are any marks on the alert or not.
Comments integer The number of comments on the resource, such as on a discussion, ticket, or alert.
Tag string[ ] One or more user-defined tags assigned to the alert.
pubDate dateTime The publication date for the alert, formatted in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
ResourceID string The unique ID for a specific resource; for example, the ScopeID or the APIVersionID.
Image Image Contains information about an avatar associated with a resource.
Link string A link for the resource, if applicable.
AuthoringUser AuthoringUser

Contains information about the author of a resource.

The author of the alert.

Published boolean Indicates whether the alert is published.
DescriptionMediaType string Indicates the media type for the description of an artifact associated with a Board item. Valid values: text/markdown (the default if platform settings support markdown) or text/plain (the default if markdown is not supported).
BoardItemArtifacts BoardItemArtifacts Contains information about an image or other artifact associated with a Board item. Applicable only if the DescriptionMediaType for the Board item is text/markdown.

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