APIImplementation Object

Contains information about an implementation for a specific API version.

This object is used by the following operations:

The properties included in the APIImplementation object are listed below.

Property Type Description
Environment string Indicates the environment for the implementation.
Name string The name of the service.
ImplementationCode string Code name for the API implementation.
Description string Text description for the implementation.
Pattern string Indicates the approach used to create a new implementation for an existing API version. Example: com.akana.pattern.proxy. For valid values, see API Pattern.
ServiceKey string

Unique service key for a specific service implementation; for example, uddi:f1ebef06-f0a8-11e3-b49c-efec5910417e.

When adding an implementation from an existing service, it is the unique service key for the service, as set up in Policy Manager.

AccessPoints string[ ] One or more access points for the implementation; for example,
APIBindings APIBindings Contains information about one or more API bindings for the implementation.
APIInterfaces APIInterfaces Contains information about one or more API interfaces.
Endpoints Endpoints Includes information about the set of Endpoint objects containing the URL hosting the API, and the category of each. The TargetAPI can have endpoints for Live or Sandbox implementations and can also have more than one of each.
Policies Policies Contains information about one or more policies that are enforced for the API version, if applicable.
EndpointOAuthDetails EndpointOAuthDetails

Includes information about the OAuth configuration for an API, such as the supported OAuth version, URLs, and grant types.

Used only in response messages.

APIImplementationDeployments APIImplementationDeployments Contains information about the deployment zones associated with a specific API version implementation, or that a specific API version implementation is eligible for based on the API version definition and deployment zone definitions.
Operations Operations REST APIs only: Includes information about one or more operations associated with an API, represented as an array. For REST APIs, this is required in the request message when adding or updating an API version.
AnonymousAccessAllowed Boolean Indicates whether anonymous access to the implementation is allowed.
EndpointAccessAutoApproved Boolean Indicates whether API access requests to the implementation are automatically approved.
ProxyImplementationDetails ProxyImplementationDetails

Contains implementation details for a proxy service.

PhysicalServiceImplementationDetails PhysicalServiceImplementationDetails Contains implementation details for a physical service.
APIOwnedImplementation Boolean

If the API was created on the platform (API with New Service option, the default) this value is true. If the API was created using the API With Existing Service option, the service implementation is owned by Policy Manager; in this case, the value is false.

Default: true.

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